Dharna Rally and meeting at block level:

NARMDA facilitated in organizing Dharna under the leadership of the SHGs in the project areas with the objective of ensuring benefits under NREGS as per the norms and provisions. Three dharna and meetings were organized from June to December 08. A memorandum was submitted to the concern authority.

Community Capacity building& Empowerment of women: the learning

Though the core mission of the Society is livelihood promotion through managing natural Resources, we strongly believe that the mission of  livelihood  promotion can not be achieved with unhealthy Society or the Society where the discrimination based on gender are common in practice.

More than one decade, we promoted livelihood in our working area but our effort did not reflect sustainable result and the reason behind it was “trying livelihood promotion of unhealthy & discrimination believer on gender Society.” Now several meetings of field staffs & Core Staffs to General & Governing Board took place where our vision & mission are discussed and finally revisited




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