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These procedures take minimum one & half year to make them straighten up to entrepreneurship level. Up to this financial year, we have formed 164 SHG (s) in our working areas in which only 45 groups reached at the level of entrepreneurship

Social audit of NREGA scheme was organized at village and panchayt level inviting PRI members, Rojgar sevak and target beneficiaries of the project. Although it was participatory but this was first time in Bihar where social audits have been organized. The PRI members and Rojgar sevak were facing the target group first time. Several anomalies in project

NARMDA has been working extensively in organsiing landless workers in form of self help group and cooperative of workers parimirily to ensure 100 days work as per provision of NREGA. The project was implemented in Arwal block of Bihar with support from Dorabji Tata Trust, Mumbai. .

NARMDA facilitated in organizing Dharna under the leadership of the SHGs in the project areas with the objective of ensuring benefits under NREGS as per the norms and provisions. Three dharna and meetings were organized from June to December 08. A memorandum was submitted to the concern authority

Capacity building of SHGs:

Accessing rural employment through NREGA

Formation of cooperatives:

Social audit of government scheme:

Dharna Rally and meeting at block level:

As of now all SHGS are federated into cooperative at Panchyat level. Thus five cooperatives have been formed. It was clearly observed members become empower and aware about the NREGS. They are looking forward for the sustain efforts in a way that they will get results. They received wage work for 100 days. They are also moving ahead towards cooperative formation, which will help them in livelihood enhancement opportunities.



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